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The Indian Sociological Society as a professional body has come of age. The Society stands as a shining example of how academic affairs of a social science discipline could be organised and how Sociologists, young and old from different regions of In


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Sociologists without Borders is an academic and professional alliance committed to advancing transnational solidarities and justice


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The European Sociological Association (ESA) aims to facilitate sociological research, teaching and communication on European issues, and to give sociology a voice in European affairs.


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Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy (ASAP) is an electronic journal sponsored by the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI). The journal is an outlet for timely and innovative psychological and related social science scholarship with implications for social action and policy. We seek to be a forum for publishing new work as well as discussion on alternative approaches to a variety of important and current social problems. By encouraging timely publication of well-written peer-reviewed work, we aim to facilitate communication between social science researchers and policy makers as well as with the public as a whole


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The Pacific Sociological Association (originally called the Pacific Southwest Sociological Society and then a year later in 1930 the Pacific Sociological Society) was established in October 1929. A small group of sociologists was called together by E


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The idea started a few years ago, after Robin Williams' movie "Dead Poets' Society," of course. I was trying to get my Introductory students interested in the Theory section of a summer school class. As I was reading in another text I came across a t



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The Association for the Sociology of Religion (ASR) is an international scholarly association that seeks to advance theory and research in the sociology of religion. Formed in 1938 as the American Catholic Sociological Society, ASR traces its roots t


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Sociological practice is a more general term for both Applied and Clinical Sociology. Steele and Price (2004) define sociological practice as “any use (often client-centered) of the sociological perspective and/or its tools in the understanding of,


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APSA, the Asia Pacific Sociological Association, was established in 1996. Its goals are: to establish a network to link sociological associations, sociology departments and individual sociologists in the Asia Pacific region; to provide information


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The Japan Sociological Society is a nationwide academic organization for sociologists in Japan which aims at encouraging sociological research and promoting its advancement and spread. Current membership exceeds 3000 members, and the organization's a


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The British Sociological Association´s mission is to represent the intellectual and sociological interests of its members. In doing so, the association aims to: • Provide information and services to members • Seek to influence policies affec


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The Association for Humanist Sociology is a community of sociologists, educators, scholars, and activists who share a commitment to using sociology to promote peace, equality, and social justice. AHS was founded in 1976 in response to a growing dise


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The American Sociological Association is: a non-profit membership association based in Washington, DC dedicated to advancing sociology as a scientific discipline and profession serving the public good 100 years old in 2005 (founded in 1905) an


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The purpose of the IVSA is to promote the study, production, and use of visual images, data, and materials in teaching, research, and applied activities, and to foster the development and use of still photographs, film, video, and electronically tran


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Welcome to the International Sociological Association (ISA), a non-profit association for scientific purposes in the field of sociology and social sciences. The ISA was founded in 1949 under the auspices of UNESCO. The goal of the ISA, is to represen

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